Hello there, my favourite customer

As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times and counting, but nurturing relationships with your customers is a critical part of developing a successful business. In a time, where human interaction isn’t what it used to be and almost everything can be done or purchased in front of a computer, caring for your customers has never been more important.

You want your customers to fall in love with your business! You want to create an experience so unforgettable, that your clientele will never be able to overlook you as an option – you’ll be the only option!

“How do I do this”, you are probably asking. Easy! You spend some time, dig really deep, and get to know your  star customers. Find out what their favourite restaurant is, where they are going to spend their next holiday and what their kids want for Christmas. It is important to get to know your customers on a personal level and create an emotional bond with them – BUT you have to be genuine about it – make it real, authentic! Make them fall in love with you and your business by creating a customer-focused culture.

This, not only gives you the chance to identify who your star customers are, what they want and what makes them tick. It also works the other way around. You give them a transparent and clear snapshot of you, your business and what you have to offer.

Knowing and understanding your customers can help you shape your business goals and growth strategies accordingly. Moreover, you are not going to waste your marketing budget on people outside your target market. But that’s not all. When you know who your star customers are, you can anticipate customer behaviour and their needs better. You can tailor your products, customise your services and structure your marketing activities to address these needs.

Lastly, better knowledge about your customers result in better customer service – Better customer service enhances customer loyalty and trust. It’s simple; knowing who your customers are, understanding their needs and how to communicate with them appropriately goes hand in hand with business success.

Take the time to understand your star customers. Ask the little things. Make them feel valued and never act as a nameless and faceless business. It is worth it – A little bit of focus and work in this area can help you land more profitable star customers and help you scan and filter out customers that potentially cost you money!